What happens at your oral health review.

by | 11th Mar 2021 | News

Hello to all our lovely patients
we thought it would be nice
to let you know what happens
at your oral health review to
give you an idea of our approach
to your dental health care.

We’ve broken it down into 16 key aspects –  .

  • We have a good look around your
    mouth and provide a complete
    oral health review individual to you.
  • A check on your medications and
    medical conditions –
    these can have an effect on
    your mouth so we like
    to keep a check on these.
  • We talk about any changes since
    your last visit and if you have any
  • Any existing dental work is
    thoroughly checked to make sure
    work is still sound.
  • We check for plaque which can
    cause major tooth and gum
    problems and discuss how to
    reduce this to keep your
    mouth healthy.
  • Your gums are examined to help
    detect gum disease and gum recession.
  • Your bite is assessed as the way
    your teeth meet can effect your jaw.
  • We look for signs of wear on your
    teeth and discuss reasons for it
    and how to prevent it.
  • We take a look at your tongue,
    cheek and palate as these can be
    affected by health conditions and
    react to medication.
  • An oral cancer screen will be done
    to detect any early signs.
  • Your jaw joint is checked to make
    sure movements are normal.
  • Where appropriate radiographs
    will be taken to detect early decay.
  • We can help advise on treatments
    to help improve function, colour
    and appearance of your teeth
    if this is something that
    interests you.
  • Following from your comprehensive
    oral health review any treatment
    needed is tailored to your individual
    needs and wishes. 

As you can see its pretty
comprehensive as we aim to
give you peace of mind
knowing that you’re in great shape.
If you need to book you can call
the reception on

I’d be happy to coordinate
your visit.

Kind regards
Gemma – Appointment coordinator
Milk Dental.