Treat yourself to some Treatments.


You know the thing most people cite as their favourite quality in a person? You guessed it, their smile! And we’re here to help you perfect yours.

Never bothered with that brace as a teenager? We can straighten you out. The teeth you have now are so important to us here at Milk, and so we adopt the very latest in dental technology to give you a smile to, well, smile about.

Maybe you want to completely start afresh with a brand spanking new set. Why not pop-in or give us a call and we’ll explain all of the different options available to you.


Ah, life’s great pleasures – coffee, tea, red wine, fizzy drinks. Unfortunately they all take their toll on your pearly whites, leaving you less confident in your appearance.

At Milk we can help to get the shine back in your smile, giving you the bright, white teeth you dream of in no time at all. How about a course of whitening treatments to add a touch of sparkle? After all a brand new smile makes for a brand new you!


If you want a fresh new start for your smile, then veneers are an option for you.

The ultimate way to get the teeth you’ve always dreamt of; you can decide the colour and shape, so you can be totally confident with the end result.

Maybe you want that super-perfect Hollywood look or perhaps you just want to use veneers to give you a healthy-looking smile. We are happy to help you understand the affordable options available to you, most of which can be achieved in just a few visits.


Okay, so perhaps you’ve not been to the dentist for a while. Or your teeth are simply in need of a little repair. We’re not going to shout, we just want to make sure your mouth is as healthy as it can be.

We offer a complete range of restoration treatments. Some you’ll most likely already be familiar with such as fillings, bridges and dentures. Others you may not. Either way, we’ll make sure we take the time to explain each and every detail to you. Well, as much as you want to hear anyway!

We understand that for some, the thought of restoration treatments may be a little nerve-wracking, but we’ll make you feel completely at ease. And we’ll also make sure that we’re open and honest with you about costs too, so there’s no nasty surprises for your teeth, or for your pocket.

Milk for Kids

We know that if you start good dental care habits early, then your teeth will be a lot healthier in the longterm. We also know how daunting a visit to the dentist can be for your little ones.

Just like with all our patients, we work hard to make our younger patients feel comfortable and at ease. We hate those dull and dreary waiting rooms and artificially lit treatment rooms just as much as your kids do. Our practice is a safe, bright and colourful environment, with a play area and a garden – making the most of natural light.

We’ll talk your children through their teeth and mouth, making learning to look after their smile fun.

We can also assure you as a parent that your child is in safe hands. We are highly trained professionals and we use the latest technologies to ensure optimum care.